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Movement chairs, also known as wobble or swopper chairs, are an excellent advancement in ergonomically designed seating. These chairs keep your body in a constant state of motion meaning that the position of the spine changes regularly and the complex muscles in the back are engaged and strengthened. Over the last number of years, more and more companies are now realising the importance of an ergonomically designed workplace. Ergonomic designs for chairs have become incredibly important for use in everyday life. People are sitting more as our lifestyle becomes more sedentary and this can leave them at risk of several health problems. With the ergonomic advancements in seating, such as in Radius Office Furnitures range of kneeling chairs and our ultra-modern motion chairs, its easier than ever to try and protect yourself from these health risks and keep yourself healthy and comfortable while seated. Not only does having ergonomically designed office furniture beneficial regarding the health of your employees, it is also highly beneficial for the business in the long run as it helps ensure high levels of productivity and can also help reduce the costs of work-related compensation for injuries. You could be looking for a great ergonomic computer chair for you to use or maybe youre after the best office chair for your health and comfort needs right here on our website. These stylish wobble chairs could be the perfect fit for you and we have several great models to choose from, from some of Europes finest movement chair manufacturers such as Back App, Merryfair, Profim and Varier. Sit-stand stool ergonomic chairs from the Varier brand range are fast becoming one of more popular choice for offices nowadays. These ergonomically designed stools help strengthen core muscles, reduce strain on knees while helping improve circulation. The stools can be mobile or fixed and are perfect for a small home office space. There is also a choice of ergonomic kneeling chairs which are better suited for less formal working environments. These are fitted with adjustable height features and cushioned knee pads for high levels of comfort and support.~!Movement chairs can help, in some part, with your overall health and wellbeing. Many of us sit for the majority of our day as we work sitting down in an office. Many studies have shown that sitting for long periods is harming our health and can lead to several health complications such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and an increased risk of developing cancer. Sitting can also just be plain uncomfortable for people over long periods of time. The back can become stiff, you can start feeling neck pains and, even without severe health complications, its very hard to be fully content while at work when youre uncomfortable. A wobble chair will allow you to partake in active sitting. This can help you minimise some of the risks associated with sitting normally and benefit your health and wellbeing. These ergonomically designed chairs mean that youre always in motion. This motion helps increase circulation of blood around the body and, with freshly oxygenated blood flowing to the brain, it can help keep you better focussed while working. The increased circulation will also keep your metabolism working harder which will help prevent obesity and heart disease. Wobble chairs ensure that your calf muscles are engaged as you plant your feet on the ground. Once you engage a muscle it has to work harder to pump blood around the body. Most of the time when we are sitting in regular chairs we dont have these muscles engaged but with these ergonomically designed movement chairs they engage these muscles and help pump blood quicker around the body. To avail of these advantages, a movement chair could be exactly what you need. Its ergonomic design means that with the constant motion youre in, the movement of the spine will be changed regularly, this helps relieve the spine of the tension and stiffness that can build up. It also means that you will constantly correct your posture which is another advantage of availing of this ergonomic solution. The intervertebral discs are constantly nourished as a result of using a wobble chair too and this can help keep these important parts of your back healthy and strong. A final help for your back is the effect a motion chair has on all the muscle systems in that part of your body, back problems are such a common complaint but these could be some of the best office chairs for trying to prevent them. These wobble chairs also constantly stimulate and strengthen all of the complex muscles in your back helping to relieve back pain. A variety of our ergonomically designed chairs has been quality- tested to ensure it meets the necessary standards for home and office use.

Movement Chairs

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Mickey Pouffe Movement Chair with Fabric Base
Work Stool with Fixed Wooden Base
Work Stool with Tilting Base
Work Stool with 5 Star Aluminium Base
Aeris Oyo Ergonomic Conference and Visitor Chair - Fabric - Lime Green - White Base
Aeris Muvman Active Sit-Stand Stool - Lime Green - Light Grey Base
Varier Variable Monochrome Kneeling Chair in Glacier
Varier Motion Saddle Chair
Aeris Muvman Active Sit-Stand Stool - Blue - Black Base
Aeris 3Dee Active Office Chair - Grey - Chrome Finish - Chrome Base
Aeris Swoppster Small Ergonomic Chair with Castor Wheels - Lime Green
Aeris Oyo Ergonomic Conference and Visitor Chair - Felt - Sunny Yellow - White Base
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