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Standing mats are often used to decrease lower limb disorders such as pain or swelling like standing for long periods. They do this by increasing circulation and reducing pressure on the feet and legs. They can provide workers with foot and leg support as well as lessen their discomfort thanks to the material's ability to distribute weight evenly. It is important to note that sometimes the mat won't be able to solve the entire problem. In those cases, it is advisable to consult a professional for more help, as they will have more expertise in this area. People who spend long periods standing at a job often experience discomfort and pain in their feet, legs, knees, or hips. The most common cause for this is due to the design of the work environment which does not include a sitting option. The workers' footwear, and the flooring material. According to scientific data, standing for long periods is particularly stressful and fatiguing. Despite the high quality of footwear and flooring, if you stand for an entire working day, you might find that it tires you out.~!Standing mats are designed to reduce discomfort, fatigue, and other health risks associated with prolonged periods of standing. They are specially designed to provide cushioning on hard surfaces or low-pile carpeting which can cause some people's feet, legs, and knees to ache. These mats not only provide relief but also improve blood circulation by keeping the body in motion. The first step towards decreasing the negative effects of prolonged standing is selecting the best mat for your needs. There are two types of seated mats that you can buy: rigid or inflatable. Rigid mats are made from a durable material that doesn't compress underweight while inflatable ones are made from foam with air inside of them.

Standing Mats

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Yo-Yo BOARD 360 Wobble Board with Anti-Fatigue Cushion - Black
Yo-Yo BOARD 360 Wobble Board with Anti-Fatigue Cushion - Grey
Yo-Yo BOARD Wobble Board with Anti-Fatigue Cushion
Yo-Yo MAT Active Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
Yo-Yo MAT Large Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
Yo-Yo MAT Medium Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
Yo-Yo MAT Mini Anti-Fatigue Standing Desk Mat
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