Soundtect Wave 3D Acoustic Wall Panels

Soundtect Wave 3D Acoustic Wall Panels


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  • Give a dynamic look to your wall with Wave acoustic panel’s captivating curved designs
  • Different colour finishes and a spray paintable option makes them versatile enough to be used in any environment
  • Soundtect innovative sound absorbing technology helps reducing noise pollution in the workplace
  • Easy to install: can be placed on walls thanks to fixing brackets
  • Eco-friendly products created with 70% of recycled polyester fibre
  • Panel individually tested for sound absorbent properties
  • Ideal for open offices, canteens, reception areas, meeting and breakout rooms
Soundtect Recycled Wave Wall Acoustic Panel Brochure

Soundtect acoustic panels are the ultimate solution to reduce noise pollution in your office. Modern offices layout, particularly open offices, favour co-operation within your staff but tend to create a high level of background noise level. Soundtect acoustic panels are created to help solve this issue while helping to give a stylish look to your office thanks to their modern and eye-catching designs which are available in a vast ranges with the ability to paint them to match any corporate colour or design requirements that will enhance the interior of any project.

Show your company’s commitment to environmental friendly approach with these acoustic panels. These products are created with over 70% of recycled plastic and polyester. They are 3rd generation products, meaning that they are made with materials that have already been used two times on products such as plastic bottles and boxes. Take an ecological stance and help in to create a sustainable positive image of your organisation by installing these innovative products in your meeting rooms, canteens, receptions areas or offices.

Acoustic panels by Soundtect are not only useful for their practical usage of noise isolation in the office but largely help to change  your office design and appearance. We offer a great variety of shapes, from simple geometrical shapes to elaborate three-dimensional options with the choice of wall or hanging panels in superior quality high performance acoustic felt. These products can be ordered in with a vast variety of upholstered coloured finishes. Bespoke colours can also be available if desired to match your company’s visual identity. These panels can be used anywhere desired as they are designed to be installed on any ceiling or wall.

The entire Soundtect range is certified and tested to European and British standards for fire and acoustics. Each element is also tested individually to guaranty its sound absorbent properties. Soundtects simple installation methods are suitable for all types of buildings and surfaces. Allowing for versatile acoustic sound proofing in any building, large or small.

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