Noti Small Desk SoundRoom

Noti Small Desk SoundRoom


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  • SoundRoom is a contemporary and innovative system of office furniture which provides ultimate comfort with acoustic functionality
  • The range of products in this collection will make an eye catching addition to any space
  • The collection includes modular product ranges from acoustic sofas to relaxation pods, meeting rooms, cloakrooms and phone booths
  • Outer panels come in light polyester felt in pale or dark grey colour
  • Perfect for banks, libraries or other institutions requiring private areas for meetings, team work and creative activities
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SoundRoom is an original and innovative system of office furniture. It comprises a range of complementary solutions which make it possible to compose a landscape of the contemporary office with a focus on spatial and acoustic aspects. SoundRoom integrates an innovative acoustic panel technology with the sound-diffusing geometry drawing on solutions that are used in recording studios. The systemic design consisting of a variety of mobile acoustic screens makes it possible to deliver an array of functionalities required for work, and to create an architectural context for furniture.

Noti’s SoundRoom is designed for open office spaces which make use of ICT technologies and new systems for organising work and rest. Aside from business-oriented buildings, the system is also suitable for official institutions, libraries or public facilities focused on meetings, teamwork and creative activities.

A unique feature is the use of light polyester felt. The non-woven fabric covers on both sides a honeycomb-shaped cardboard core with hexagonal cells. The resulting element, produced in the process of thermoforming, is a lightweight, extremely rigid and visually attractive panel which is pleasant and warm to the touch. The panels have a characteristic wavy shape on the inner side and are flat on the outer side. As the panels are covered with a layer of felt, pale or dark grey in colour, there is no need for extra upholstery. The fabrics perform an additional acoustic function.

The furniture system is distinctive for the use of five basic elements (panels) which are unified with respect to dimensions and design, allowing for easy configurability of all types of furniture. The flexible elements offer an opportunity to arrange the office interior with the use of armchairs, sofas, desks, partition walls and phone booths. The five basic structural elements are a guarantee that every new SoundRoom configuration is lightweight, mobile, easy to rearrange and safe in use.

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