Dynamo Chiro Plus Ultimate Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

Dynamo Chiro Plus Ultimate Ergonomic Chair with Headrest

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  • The Chiro Plus Ultimate Ergonomic Chair combines style and comfort contoured seat, helping to improve posture while you work
  • Multi-functional arms, height and side adjustable with seat slide
  • Multi-position arm pads to help prevent RSI
  • Back Height 550mm x Back Width 500mm x Seat Height 530-620mm x Seat Width 500mm x Seat Depth 510mm
  • This chair has been tested for weights up to 150Kg / 23.5St and has a recommended usage of up to 24 hours and a 5-year guarantee

Dynamo Chiro Plus Ultimate Ergonomic Chair with Headrest Product Features

  • Fixed Armrests for Office Chairs

    Fixed Armrests

    Fixed armrests for office chairs allow the user to enjoy greater levels of comfort while working, offering appropriate support for the forearms whilst typing or working at a desk.

  • Seat Height Adjustment for Office Chairs

    Seat Height Adjustment

    Seat height adjustment for office chairs enables the user to raise or lower the seat to suit personal levels of comfort. This reduces pressure under the thighs, promoting a less restricted flow of blood to the legs.

  • Headrest for Office Chairs


    Headrests for office chairs provide additional support for users, ensuring that the head, neck and back are properly supported whilst working. They also offer a more professional, executive look for the workplace.

  • Tension Adjustment for Office Chairs

    Tension Adjustment

    Tension adjustment for office chairs enables the user to increase or decrease the setting to match their body weight. It enables greater freedom of movement when working, and helps to reduce muscle fatigue.

  • Contoured / Shaped Seating for Office Chairs

    Contoured / Shaped Seating

    Contoured or shaped seating for office chairs offers a better level of support for the user, fitting around the back to boost comfort while working. This enables the user to sit for longer periods of time without discomfort.

  • Seat Depth Adjustment for Office Chairs

    Seat Depth Adjustment

    Seat depth adjustment for office chairs enables the user to alter the depth of the seat to provide increased comfort when seated. This function means that the chair can be adjusted to accommodate the length of the thighs, whilst keeping the back in contact with the backrest to reduce pressure in the legs.

  • Back Height Adjustment for Office Chairs

    Back Height Adjustment

    Back height adjustment for office chairs enables the user to raise or lower the back of the chair, providing additional lumbar support when required. This can help to reduce strain and injury in the back whilst working.

  • 5 Year Warranty for Office Furniture

    5 Year Warranty

    This item offers a 5 year warranty, which means its quality and functionality is guaranteed during that time. The product has been rigorously tested to make sure it is of the highest standard for use in the home and office.

  • Tested for 24-hour use

    Tested for 24-hour use

    When working at a desk, it’s important that your employees enjoy a chair that is supportive and comfortable. Invest in an office chair that has been tested for 24 hour use, to ensure that your staff are able to work without risk of strain or injury during that time.

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More work hours are lost through back pain and injuries than any other reason. And the number of people reporting back issues is rising rapidly. One reason is poor seating posture at work, especially amongst office personnel. Chiro High Back and Medium Back posture seating are fully functional contoured chairs. They are feature rich and highly functional to ensure they can be adjusted to support any user in the best possible way. They can combat the discomfort of back sufferers and educe the likelihood of posture related medical problems being acquired. They carry the additional endorsement of the respected chiropractor Dr Robert Bateman and as well as stock fabrics can be bespoke upholstered in any fabric of your choice. The Chiros match their functionality and quality with a design signature that makes them one of our most sought after big value seating solutions.