Aeris Swoppster Small Ergonomic Chair with Castor Wheels

Aeris Swoppster Small Ergonomic Chair with Castor Wheels

by Aeris

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  • Flexible, adaptable seat that helps prevent pressure points on the underside of the thighs due to its convex design
  • Provides unrestricted flexibility and supports a constant change of posture by allowing forward, backward and sideways movement
  • Stimulates physical and mental development as well as prevent back problems
  • Seat height can be adjusted directly under the seat, so any child can easily set their own favourite sitting position between 32cm and 47.5cm
  • Comes with a robust stable foot ring, available with or without castor wheels
  • Perfect for areas with children, in homes and in schools
  • Optimised for children weighing between 15kg and a maximum of 50kg
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
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The Swoppster enables more movement than any other seat. This helps straighten the upper part of your child’s body, free the diaphragm and stimulate the circulation.
The 3D active seat for children supports and encourages a constant change of posture through its flexibility in sideways movements and vertical bounce. This strengthens muscles, makes the back strong, is good for posture and prevents back problems.

Movement underlies brain maturation. It encourages neuronal networking and thus boosts the potential for the child’s mental development. The continuous, rhythmic movement on the Swoppster improves the blood circulation and therefore the supply of oxygen to the body and brain. This makes the children more attentive and concentrated.

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