Hush Print Personalised Acoustic Panel

Hush Print Personalised Acoustic Panel

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600mm size office furniture
1000mm office furniture
1400mm office furniture
1800mm office furniture
Furniture 600mm high600mm
1000mm office furniture1000mm
1400mm office furniture1400mm
1800mm office furniture1800mm
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  • Print is a custom wall acoustic panel with a personalised image printed on the fabric
  • Boasts dual functionality of improving acoustic comfort and decorating your conference room, canteen or reception hall with a printed image of your choice
  • Print is made of a carefully selected melamine foam, which has outstanding sound absorbing properties. The foam is inserted into an aluminium profile and covered with an image printed on a thin fabric
  • Choose from a range of sizes available to create wall panels which combine pieces of art, graphics and branding with acoustic technology
  • Upon ordering this, we will be in touch regarding your print to ensure the quality and size is correct

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