Framery Store

Framery Store Acoustic Customisable Meeting Pods and Phone Booth with LED Lights

Framery is a Finish company that is a pioneer in acoustics office furniture. The modern products aim to reduce stress, sound noise in the office area and increasing happiness and productivity. All of the booths are equipped with LED lights and electrical air ventilation that are automatically turned on and off with an occupancy sensor. A set of customisable interior furniture items such as carpets, coat hangers, chairs, sofas or stools and turnable tables can be picked from to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The models also come with customisable power sockets (electrical outlets and USB ports).

These acoustic meeting pods and phone booths are the results of years of research and design. Their purpose is to create a quiet work environment for teams in any office, especially open offices. Equipped with only the highest quality materials: sound controlled laminated glass, acoustic felt and brushed stainless steel, this product is fully soundproof. They are ideal for team meetings, interviews and c