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Fluffo’s acoustic wall panel design was generated back in 2012 inspired by the idea of producing a soft fluffy toy like wall panel which gives a soft, velvety and warm feeling to the ordinary and uninviting hard, cold plain walls of offices and homes, transforming your interior into an elegant and cosy space. The Polish company strived to create a product that would provide flexibility as well as quality control and thus created the 3D acoustic wall panels in its collection today. The possibilities are endless, with over 6000 combinations of products shapes, thickness and colours to choose from.

Our online catalogue features Fluffo soft wall panels in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. The acoustic solutions are also offered in an array of beautiful vibrant colours which further enhances its truly innovative design. The acoustic wall mounts are made from flexible, dense polyurethane foam covered with a velvet-like finish. All the products in the Fluffo collection boast highly absorbent acoustic properties as well as being fire resistant. The wall panels are the ideal solution for offices and open spaces where echo’s, reverberations or noise need to be controlled. The installation process of the Fluffo wall panels is quick simple and clean. The acoustic wall mounts can be easily attached with a thin layer of adhesive offered with the Fluffo products.