Ergotron Store

Ergotron store

Founded in 1982, Ergotron has been delivering high-quality affordable ergonomic products for day to day office workers who spend most of the day on computers. The aim of the company is to promote a healthier, more productive environments for life and work with its passion for innovative designs. One of the more prominent names is producing digital mounting technology, the company has received countless industry awards for their innovative products.

Radius Office Furniture is one of Ireland’s leading suppliers of Ergotron products. Our online catalogue offers a large selection of Ergotron designs including sit-stand workstations, adjustable standing desks, screen monitor arms in many variations and charging stations. The adjustable sit-stand and standing desks are offered with a keyboard compartment. All of these individual products are ergonomically designed to improve your workstation. A variety of products in our Ergotron range are offered with a warranty policy. This is to assure you that the ergonomic products performance and durability is guaranteed for that time period. All the products have been rigorously tested to ensure it meets the standards for home an