Wave Desks

Wave office desks

If you have a modern workspace you need to select office furniture that reflects your contemporary style. Our range of stylish office desks combines traditional and modern designs. Wave desks offer a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. Their wooden table tops represent the classical, traditional look of an office desk. At the same time, their wave shape offers all the benefits of modern ergonomic desks. And if you want a completely modern look, you can customise your desk with a metallic finish.
You can choose from the popular options of 1400mm or 1600mm cantilever desks in white or a wide range of wooden finishes. You can also customise them as a right hand or left-hand wave desk according to your needs.

Our wave desks come in different finishes including, white, beech, maple, oak or walnut. You can choose from a selection of up to 16-panel colours and 4 metal paint colours.