Green Logos & Pictograms


Preserved plants are plants and flowers that have been 100% preserved by using natural techniques. The preservation liquid replaces the sap and water of the plant species used. This method preserves the plants freshness, keeping its natural beauty with no maintenance required. Enhance your brand image with eco-friendly and 100% natural personalised logos and pictograms made with preserved plants. Create eye-catching letter designs to capture the attention of any customers and visitors. The moss-filled letters and pictograms offer a stylish green touch to any area and are highly suitable for receptions, meeting rooms, breakout areas and hallways. The plants used are preserved using 100% plant-based biodegradable formula, giving you a 100% natural product with no maintenance needed meaning less hassle, compared to living plants.

A variety of different moss types are offered to fill your green logos and pictograms. The selection includes lichen, ball moss, provence moss, and flat moss. The sizes and colours of the plant logos are also customisable, giving you the flexibility to match your brand colours and the best size to fill your space! The plant-based logos and pictograms are supported by durable frames. Each individual piece is handcrafted with precisions by experienced workers.

Our stunning range of moss-filled logos and pictograms are sourced from some of Europe’s leading suppliers. The company’s focus on producing 100% naturally preserved plant products and are known for their innovative designs suitable for home and corporate use. All the plant species used in their designs are individually handpicked and harvested at their optimum point of beauty with care and respect for the environment.

More about our range of Green Logos & Pictograms

Plant-based decorations are a rapidly growing trend in today’s modern businesses. Many trendsetting companies use these eco-friendly green logos and pictograms to impress their clients and visitors as soon as they walk into the premises. Their eye-catching and pleasant view makes them the perfect addition anywhere around the workplace.

Add splashes of green anywhere and everywhere with moss-filled pictograms. A variety of decorative designs are offered to easily help you bring nature in every room. For example, you can opt for moss pictograms of “Woman” and “Man” or a combination set to distinguish the differences for toilets. Funky and stylish designs like arrows, cactus and tooth pictograms are also available. These pictograms can be mounted on to walls or as standing units which allows you to move them around with no hassle.

Cactus Plant Pictogram-500x350
Tea and Eat GreenMood-500x350
Moss Filled Brand Logo-500x350

Boost your brand with eco-friendly and 100% natural plant logos. Design your logos however you want, in many shapes and sizes with whatever moss type filling you desire which is available in many colours. All of the logos are handcrafted with particular care. Most of the moss-filled logos are crafted to be simply screwed or glued in place. The preserved plant logos can last for many years requiring no water and no light! With no maintenance required, enhancing your brand image with plants has never been easier!

Female Bathroom Sign Pictogram 500x350
Tooth Plant Pictograms in Dentist Office-500x350

We offer delivery and installation across Ireland, in the four provinces: Leinster, Munster, Ulster and Connaught. All major cities across the island of Ireland are covered, including: Dublin, Belfast, Galway, Waterford, Drogheda, Dundalk, Cork and Limerick. It doesn’t matter if you’re situated in rural Donegal or an inner-city Dublin 2 office, our installation and delivery service is designed to accommodate your requirements.

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